5 Reasons we are using Video Messages at The Orchard

5 Reasons we are using Video Messages at The Orchard.
Author: Eddie Blalock

What can we do to lift the lid on reaching more people? That is the question that drives The Orchard.

We have been commissioned to go into all the world with the good news of God’s Grace. Today, we have more resources and opportunities to realize that mission than at any point in the history of the Church.

From the earliest days, the church has been willing to try new things in order to reach more people. In my lifetime Pioneers like Billy Graham have demonstrated how new methods and new technology can be used to reach more people. Today’s technology has given birth to multisite churches that utilize video preaching as a tool to reach more people. We can be sure that the future will see the rise of even more technologies and opportunities. These new technologies will no doubt be leveraged by the Church to reach the next generation!

New technology often makes us nervous. I must admit that I am somewhat nervous about starting to use Video messages across our campuses. However, we believe that ultimately video messages work because its not about the medium, its about the message! Beyond that, we feel compelled to launch this new strategy because we believe Video messages offer us many advantages.

Why we have chosen to use video messages?

  1. Video messages promote continuity and unity.

Video messages allow us to maintain continuity and parity among all of our locations.  We believe that consistency in message, in vision, and even in speakers is a key for The Orchard to remain one church in many locations.

  1. Video messages provide versatility.

Video messages offer versatility in style, flexibility, and scheduling. It allows for greater freedom in service programming and more mobility among many of our team.

  1. Video messages enable Campus pastors to focus on the areas of their strength and giftings.

Campus pastors who are relational have more time to build relationships. Campus pastors who are leaders have more time to lead and develop leaders. In short, we can allow our leaders to do what they do best.

  1. Video messages de-emphasizes the presence of one person.

The emphasis should never be on the presence of a person, but on the presence of God!

  1. Video messages give us the ability to add more campuses more efficiently.

Our vision at The Orchard is to become an orchard of church plants and multi-sites. We are convinced that Video messages are a strategy that helps us toward this vision by providing easily accessible, high quality communicators from the initial start up of a new campus.

So how do we plan to use video talks?

  1. Consistently but not weekly.

I don’t know of many multisite churches who use video talks every week. I like the idea of mixing video talks with live talks.

  1. Various preachers.

The video talks may feature various Orchard communicators.

  1. Record service.

The talks will not be streamed live, but recorded at our “Thursday Night Live” worship experience at the SouthRidge campus. This allows for a consistently great quality in our recording environment.

(This environment also provides a great option for those who are unable to attend a weekend service)

I’m convinced not everyone will like the idea of video messages at first. I’m asking you to give it a chance! I believe if you will give video talks a chance you will find that it grows on you. Before you write it off as not personal enough, too techie, or just not the same…remember that our mission is not to make us comfortable, but to make His Name famous! If video messages help us to reach more people with the message of the Gospel, I’m all in. Hope you are with me!