Life is Better with Boundaries

Do you remember when you were learning to drive? For most people, it is one of the most exciting moments in life! I remember those days well. I also remember the first time I drove on a family trip out of town. It was Sunday and I knew the Sunday routine at the Blalock household.

    Open Road

First we got up early and got ready for Sunday School. After Sunday School it was time for church. Then, after church we loaded up for our weekly trip to St. Augustine to be with our family. The drive from our home usually took about an hour. I typically dreaded the ride to Grandma’s house, but this Sunday was different…I was going to be driving.

Driving the longer distance was a bit harder than I had anticipated. I remember weaving a little bit on the road and my dad’s advice was: “Keep it between the lines.” He was referring to the space between the white line that marked the edge of the road and the yellow line that marked the middle of the road. I can still hear those words, “Keep it between the lines.”

The next series of Talks at The Orchard is called “Boundaries.” The big idea for the series deals with the idea of “keeping it between the lines” in important areas of our lives. We will learn the value of establishing some “lines” to keep our lives “between” and hopefully offer some ideas for creating those lines. We will call those lines, boundaries.

I soon learned that the lines on the road would become my friends. Those lines would keep me out of the way of oncoming traffic and help guide me to my destination. Life is better with Boundaries! We need boundaries in life; in marriage; in family; in finances; and at work. I am excited about this new series and learning how to “keep my life between the lines!”