Dive Deeper Into This Sundays Message

Question 1:

What opportunities has God given you this past week? How did you handle them?

Question 2:

Read Luke 7:36-50. Identify the characters and in particular the character who interrupted the dinner party. What are your initial thoughts about her?

Question 3:

When we are interrupted by people does who they are make a difference in how you respond? Why?


Question 4:

How does a person's desperation help shape your response to their need? When we truly believe they are in need does that help us decide to help? Have you struggled to believe someone and their plea for help based on your past involvement or the decisions that a person has made?

Question 5:

Using the story Jesus tells, is it hard to see people as people rather than problems? Why?

Question 6:

How does this story how change your mind about how you will view people?