Dive Deeper Into This Sunday's Message

Question 1:

Read John 15:13. Describe some of the healthy relationships that have been a blessing to you.

Question 2:

Read 2 Chronicles 16:9. Support One Another. Why do we need cheerleaders in our lives? Why do we need to be cheerleaders for others?

Question 3:

Read Psalm 119:130. Be Understanding. How do we show understanding to someone who is struggling?

Question 4:

Read Ecclesiastes 4:12. Look for God in Your Relationships. How do you see God moving in your relationships?

Question 5:

Read Matthew 6:33. Pursue God with One Another. Why do we need one another to grow in our faith? How have you seen this help you?

Question 6:

Read Proverbs 8:17. Help to lead those you love most Closer to God. What are some ways you can help lead those you love closer to God?