Dive Deeper Into This Sundays Message

Question 1:

Read Mark 1: 29- 34. When we read about the miracles of Jesus we see his power and authority on display. Why was it important for Jesus to show this to the people?

Question 2:

What does Jesus healing people say about his care and concern for us? How does this set his kingdom apart from other kingdoms?

Question 3:

Read Mark 2: 13- 17. Jesus reveals his heart for us by eating with those who were considered bad people. What hope does that bring for us?

Question 4:

What is our sickness that needs healing most? Jesus tells us our greatest sickness is sin. How does Jesus heal us from that sin?

Question 5:

How can we help others be healed from the sickness of sin? Do we see this healing as a miracle? Why or why not?